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Parliament of Northersey
21st Session
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Parliament
Seats 151
21st Parliament
Political groups
Last election
Meeting place
Parliament Building (Northersey)
Parliament House, Finnalund (modeled after the Scottish Parliament)

The Parliament of Northersey is the national legislature of the Commonwealth of Northersey. It includes the Queen and the unicameral chamber.

There are 151 members that are democratically elected to serve a fixed term of four years.

In Northersey, the westminster system of government is generally followed. There is a Prime Minister that presides over the Cabinet and governs the chamber. The Prime Minister must command the confidence of Parliament.

The Parliament of Northersey was established in the Independent Act of Northersey of 1925, which demanded the full power of the legislature to determine Northerseyan government affairs.


It was first determined in 1925 that the new national legislature should have the same name as the former devolved legislature, the National Assembly. However, other names were put up for debate, such as: the House of Representatives and the House of Commons.

None of these satisfied the whole of the National Assembly when drafting the Independence Act. It was suggest by First Minister, later Prime Minister, [[Benjamin Collier, that the legislature should have a more "general" and "powerful" name, and the term "Parliament" was suggested and then approved.

Members of Parliament

The 151 members of parliament (MPs) serve for a fixed term of four years. The number of members is permanently set for 151 until a measure is passed by Parliament. No modern governments have sought to increase or decrease the MP seat level. The chamber is modeled largely after British House of Commons. Parliament meets in Parliament House, Finnalund.

The layout of the parliament chamber is a semi-circle with the government sitting on the left and the opposition on the right. The presiding officer is the called the Speaker. Northersey is a rare case where the Speaker is not an elected member of parliament (usually from the governing party), but is chosen by the Committee of Parliament Administration and confirmed by a simple majority vote in the voting chamber.

The executive branch of the government (the Cabinet) is solely compiled of the governing party or coalition. This includes the Prime Minister who is appointed by the Governor-General.

The Leader of the Opposition is the leader of the largest political party not in government.