Houses of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Rainier
Houses of Parliament of the Centralist Commonwealth of Rainier
Houses House of Senators (Upper House)
House of Councillors (Lower House)
Speaker of the Senate
Speaker of the Council
Seats 76 senators
Senete normal
House of Senators political groups
  Labour: 40 seats
  NUP: 18 seats
  Reform: 9 seats
  RPCA: 5 seats
  Green-Left: 3 seats
  Innovation: 3 seats
Commons normal
House of Councillors political groups
  Labour: 127 seats
  Reform: 54 seats
  NUP: 38 seats
  RPCA: 32 seats
  Green-Left: 14 seats
  Innovation: 1 seat
House of Senators voting system
House of Councillors voting system
House of Senators last election
House of Councillors last election
Meeting place
House of Councillors
Senate Chamber (left) Councillors Chamber (right)

The Houses of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Rainier are the highest legislative bodies in Rainier. Using a bicameral system Rainier has an upper house and a lower house - the House of Senators and the House of Councillors respectively. Members of the House of Councillors are elected through universal suffrage every five years through general election using Additional Member System (118 through FPTP and 148 through Party-list PR with a 4% electoral threshold) whilst half of the members of the House of Senators are elected in staggered elections every three years via a single non-transferable vote.

The Houses of Parliament are located at Parliament House in Victoria, the Rainian capital. Based on the Westminster system, the Rainian constitutions stipulates that the House of Councillors is superior to the House of Senators and the Chancellor of Parliament, although the latter is the sole representative that has the power to dismiss parliament (provided they get approval from the House of Senators). Over the decades a series of checks and balances have been introduced to parliament, although parliamentary reform remains a hotly debated topic in Rainier.

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