Parliament of Tomares
8th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
Established 8 April 1950
Preceded by Board of Governors
Leader of the Opposition
Seats 60
2015 election
Political groups
Government (33)
     Labour (27)
     Governing Independents (6)
Opposition (27)
     National (16)
     Opposition Independents (11)
Length of term
10 years
Salary $10,000/month
Additional-member system
Last election
4 April 2015
Next election
5 April 2025
Meeting place
Lincoln Memorial southeast at dusk
Parliament House, City of Tomares

The Parliament of Tomares, also known as the Parlamento de Tomares in Spanish, is the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Tomares. As the country is a parliamentary democracy, it exercises considerable power over the country.

Founded in 1950 as the successor to the Board of Governors, which had previously exercised executive and legislative power, the Parliament currently has 60 members, elected using the additional-member system.

As part of the 1955 Coalition Agreement led by the Labour Party, the Parliament was expanded to 75 seats, but this was reversed in 1989 by the then National Government, which reduced it back to the original 60 seats.

Parliamentary elections

Year Leader Political Party Seats Won
1950 TBA National
22 / 60
1955 Gogh Brown Labour
21 / 60
1965 Benjamin Whitlam Labour
40 / 75
1975 Catherine Atkins National
31 / 75
1985 TBA National
44 / 75
1995 TBA Labour
31 / 60
2005 Abraham Faro National
35 / 60
2015 Anna Van Buren Labour
27 / 60

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