Pasan Keacham Sarawong
Lanna monarch 1
King of Lan Na
Reign 10 June, 1976 - present
Coronation 10 June, 1976
Predecessor Churai Samak Sarawong
Born 16 May, 1952
Son Ga
Spouse Preaw Boon-nam Sarawong
Full name
Pasan Soo Keacham Narong Sarawong
House House of Sarawong
Father Churai Samak Sarawong
Mother Chanhira Kukrit Sarawong
Religion Buddhist

His Majesty, king over the Lannese people, Pasan Soo Keacham Narong Sarawong is the 21th and current monarch of Lan Na. He was born on the 16th of May, 1952 in the Chaisurivirat Palace, and took the throne on the 10th of June 1976, when his father Churai Samak Sarawong voluntarily abdicated in favor of him. Sarawong studies and obtained a degree in Law, and participated in Buddhism extensively. He eventually became a priest at the Royal Buddhistic temple of Lan Na, adjacent to the Chaisurivirat Palace. While Sarawong has little power in the politics of Lan Na, he is still greatly respected and often advises the Prime Minister.