Paynaal is the fifth month in the Common Calender of Raveenen and it has a number of 30 days. It is one of the twelve months of the year. It is the first month of summer of in southern Raveenen and the last month of spring in the northern Raveenen. The month of Paynaal is usually a hot month with little rainfall in the south and a generally a warm month with moderate rainfall in the north. 

Etymology and History

The month of Paynaal is a month named after the goddess Payna of the Avokashi pantheon. She was the goddess of fertility as it was traditional in this month in the Avokashi to pray for a good harvest and give homage to the goddess. Their were events organised in the Imperium to bless the crops and livestock each year. 


1st Paynaal: The Festival of Blossoms occurs throughout the continent of Raveenen. 

10th Paynaal: Queen's Day (Davoria)

22nd Paynaal: The Fast of Redemption begins among the followers of the Holy Faith. The followers live on bread and water for a month.

27th Paynaal: Jester's Delight, a day of jokes and good humour in the North.

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