Penda Islands
Penda Élonds
Anthem: Gelend jef se Wyvern
Capital Pendaburgh
Official languages Wessen
Demonym Penda Islander
Government Dependent Territory with a Parliamentary Republic
• Hehield
Dafid Aetheld
• Chief Executive
Saxburh Anwielda
Legislature Legislative Assembly
Dependent Territory of Wessex 1806
• 2013 census
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
• Total
$200 Million
• Per capita
Currency Yeo (WXY)
Time zone (UTC-3)
• Summer (DST)
The Penda Islands (Wessen - Penda Élonds) are a small archipelago and dependent territory of Wessex located in the Gulf of Lawrence. Alongside Hath Ethelred and Mikwelon, the Penda Islands are the only remnants of the Wessen colonial empire in North America stll under Wessen control. As of 2013, the population of the Penda Islands is 13,091. The capital of the territory is Pendaburgh, located on the Isle of Stonan. Penda Islands form a collectivity of two tithings, Mara Ealondan, and Wyvern Ealond. 

The Penda Islands are a dependent territory of Wessex within the Realm of Wessex. The Head of State of the territory is the ceremonial Hehield of Wessex, who is not directly elected by Penda Islanders. The directly elected Chief Executive of the territory is the Head of Government, the Legislative Assembly of the islands. The Penda Islands, like Wessex, have a directly democratic system which only applies to the assembly of the Islands. 

The islands were first settled by a group of Wessen settlers on their way to Colony of Niwofinagelen (Newfoundland), when they were blown off course by stormy weather. The ship crashed on the coast of the Isle of Stonan in 1505. Over the years following, a second ship narrowly avoided crashing on the islands, discovering those who had been shipwrecked earlier. Connections began between the islands and Newfoundland began as a settlement was established in modern day Pendaburgh. The islands became a major hub for fishing, particularly of crabs and lobsters. In 1534, along with other Wessen colonial posessions, the islands were seized by England. In 1806, after the Wessen Rebellion the islands were resettled by Wessen colonists, and were given back to Wessen sovereignity.

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