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A Pendulum Power Plant is a type of zero emission power generating station which utilises Kinetic Energy generated from a large moving pendulum suspended from a height. The Kinetic Energy is transferred into electrical power by powering a generator. There are currently only two Pendulum plants in the world, due to their experimental status, with only two operational plants as of February 2015, with plans to roll out the construction of four more plants by 2025 under the Westlandic government's Renewable Energy Act of 2012. 

Pendulum plants utilise the power of movement, Kinetic Energy, and transform it into electric power. It is a completely renewable energy source, creating negligable CO2 emissions in the generation of electricity. However, at this stage, are experimental and expensive to construct and run. The first plant opened in 1994, and is said to be the brainchild of Westlandic physicist Klaus Fisha and his work between 1960 and the late 1980's. The plants themselves have had mixed results, with initial problems in the construction and operation of the pendulums and their low production of electricity. However by 1999, the two operational plants in Käntö Prefecture were generating power above expectations.