People's Democratic Party
Rénmín mínzhǔdǎng
Parti Demokratik Rakyat
Chairperson Syed Abdullah Yaakob
Founded 19th July 1986
Headquarters 17 Ramaya road, Dharatt
Student wing Student Democratic League
Membership  (2014) 5,678
Ideology Social Democracy
Civic nationalism
Islamic Democracy
Islamic Socialism
Political position Centre left
International affiliation Socialist International
Official colours Orange
189 / 333

The People's Democratic Party (Malay: Parti Demokratik Rakyat; Chinese: 人民民主党;Rénmín mínzhǔdǎng) sometimes abbreviated to the PDR is the main left wing political party in Tanjung. It is the largest party in Tanjung, and currently holding 189 seats in the Parliament of Tanjung with its leader being current First Minister Syed Abdullah Yaakob. It has since its creation advocated for a non-ethnic approach to politics, and supports social democratic and Islamic policies, drawing supporting from both ethnic Malays and Hui Chinese. In 2014 it formed its first government with the Borneo People's Party after campaigning on better ethnic relations, anti-corruption and more social investment.






Voter base

Electoral results

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