The People's Republic of Norfolk is a sovereign state that seceded in 1986. 

People's Republic of Norfolk
Motto: Workers of the world, unite!
Anthem: God Save the Queen (since 1991)
Largest City
Official Language(s): English
National Language(s): English
Demonym: Norfolkian, Northern Folk
Ethnic Groups: 91% British, 9% Other
Communist dominant-party state
 -Miner's Strike:
 -Independence from the United Kingdom:

2 January 1986
 - Total Population:

859, 400
Currency: British Pound


Formation, 1984-1986

On 6 March 1984 in the UK, the National Coal Board declared the he agreement between the coar miners and government in 1974 had become obsolete. It intended to close 20 coal mines resulting in the loss of 20, 000 jobs. As well as causing a 2 year mining strike, several miners in Norfolk, which has a lot of coal miners, wanted to secede, fearing any future policy of any political party (at the time Conservative, Labour, Liberal and Social Democratic parties) would not be able to repair the damage done. Bill Showington declared himself the first President and formed the Communist Party of Norfolk. By 1986 at the end of the Miner's Strike and backed by the Labour Party, Norfolk was formally given independence from the UK on 2 January 1986. It was first recognised by the UK and Soviet Union.

First election and early years, 1986-1990

Main article: Norfolk general election, 1986

The first election in Norfolk took place in February 1986. Elections only take place every 10 years in Norfolk. Three political parties were registered for the 1986 elections:

The election was criticized as rigged but recognised as genuine by the Soviet Union. In 1988, the country was accepted into the United Nations

Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1990-1991

Norfolk nearly experienced a famine following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but managed to sign an economic contract with the then new Russian Federation quickly. The original national anthem, an edited version of the Soviet Union anthem, was replaced with God Save the Queen in 1991. Since 1992 the country has regularly purchased food from China and Belarus.

Modern history, 1991-present

See also: Norfolk general election, 1996 and Norfolk general election, 2006

Norfolk applied to join the European Union in 1992 but was rejected. Bill Showington died in 2005 and was replaced by Bob Showington. In 2005 the Chartist Party and Reunification Party were dissolved by Bob in the controversial Parties Act 2005. Shortly before 2006 a new party, the Islamic Communist Party was founded for the 2006 election. It is said to be monitored by the main Communist Party. In 2009 the National Autistic Party was founded and is expected to win seats in the 2016 elections.


Industrial music and metal approved by the government is the only music available. Metallica and Rammstein, along with 2 local government-approved bands, are allowed in the country.

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