&nbsp The Peoples Republic of China (or China for short) is the United Commonwealths of America's main rival, with the US having developed warm relations with the Soviet Union after World War II. It is a military and Economic Super Power and is considered equal or even superior in certain fields to America.

Its capital is Beijing.

Political System

China is a Communist State with a single party political system. The current ruling party is the Chineses Communist Party (CCP), the current head of state is President Xin, and the head of the CCP is Chairmen Cheng.

The Chinese Government shows a willingness to go to extreme measures to acheive victory, such as the implementation of Chinese Spies in the US. Some Spies had suicide caps in their molarswhich instantly killed them if captured.

Rescource Problems

China raced to tap some of the last remaining natural resources on Earth before the US, such as those underneath the Pacific Ocean. Poseidon Energy had spies in Chineses oil companies working to sabotage their plans so the company could gain the oil.

This caused very strained relations between the two countries.

China has illegally annexed the nearby country of Taiwan, becuase the United Nations had disbanded in 2056.

Armed Forces

China has a large military and Nuclear Arsenal. The Peoples Liberation Army is the officiall name for the
200px-China Emblem PLA.svg

Emblem of the Peoples Liberation Army

countries army, It is led by Chairmen Cheng. Chinese send infiltrators to Washington D.C, Pittsburgh, and other important US cities.

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