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The Persecution of Accusers

The mage-priests who remained true to the original cause, unable to seek recourse via the Circa Incuira, turned instead to the masses, teaching them to be inquisitive and doubtful and showing them the lies of the false mage-priests. Of course, the men under the control of the Circa Judicara hunted down many of those people. To facilitate the hunt for the accusers, the priesthood branded them heretics in 766 AL, making the holding and spreading of unorthodox beliefs a crime. As many of the mage-viziers of the Luminarian empires were corrupt mage-priests, they convinced their luminarates (kings of the luminances, the empires of Luminarism) to hunt down these heretics, that they may not spread their "lies".

By 800 AL, only a single luminance did not persecute heretics, and all the heretical mage-priests congregated in its capital city. When that capital city was sacked in 824 AL by the other luminances upon the urging of the priesthood, in a war of "internal" Illumination, all the heretics were rounded up and executed, and all the true mage-priests knew that there was nowhere left to hide from the corrupt mage-priests.

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