Peter Longman Crouch (b. April 10, 1944), is a former Governor of Long Island, taking office January 1, 2006 and leaving on July 1 2013. He was elected in December 2005 with 50.3% of the primary vote, a rarity for gubernatorial contests.

Gov Crouch

Crouch had a distinguished judicial career before becoming Governor. A graduate of Long Island University, Crouch became a judge in 1980, and was appointed to the Long Island supreme court in 1995. He became Chief Justice in 2000.

Crouch was re-elected unopposed in 2009. In 2013, he was defeated for a third term by Imogen McKinnon, a prominent academic and social activist.

Crouch is married to Lynette Crouch (b. 1965), his third marriage. He has five children, three from previous marriages.

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