Peter Fortune
13th President of Gibland
In office
April 2nd, 2003 – September 27, 2006
Vice President Neil Groom
Preceded by Mark Mann
Succeeded by Neil Groom
Personal details
BornFebruary 3rd, 1952
Mydway, Gibland
DiedJune 19th, 2012
Tipton, Gibland
Political partyConservative Party of Gibland
Spouse(s)Kendra Fortune (deceased)

Peter Fortune was the 13th president of Gibland and held office for a 3 year span between April 2nd 2003 and September 27, 2006.

Early Life

Fortune grew up in a suburban neighboorhood in Mydway. His family was an upper middle class family, his dad was a low end exectutive, his mother a teacher. He was an honors student all through school, and became a lawyer.


After being a lawyer for for 17 years, Fortune decided to go into politics, he was in his hometown constituence as a Conservative under the Mark Mann majority, in 2002 he won the leadership convention, becoming leader of the third party. The Conservative polls went up substantially with him at the helm, and he was elected in the next years election in a minority government, he held it for 3 years and the country was affected by a small recession in 2004, it ended it late 2005. Fortune gave the largest corporate tax break since 1984, He declined to join the Iraq war.

Personal Life

He was married to his wife Kendra until he started his serial killings during his presidency, she was his first victim, he went on to kill 43 people over a span of 3 years before being arrested in August of 2006, an election was called the last month and his party lost by a landslide, and the Monkey Party became the opposition, he is currently incarcerated in a high security prison in Tipton, for life.


Fortune was shot and killed by a prison guard after he held another prison guard at knifepoint during a prison riot.

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