สุพีอ่างทอง Phiắngtsứi
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Krungtep Phiangsu(upper)
Hochi Phiangsu(lower)
Term limits
6 years
New session started
12 June 2012
Seats 779(443 in Krungtep and 336 in Hochi)
Krungtep Phiangsu last election
7 July, 2008
Hochi Phiangsu last election
10 August, 2011
Krungtep Phiangsu next election
24 July, 2013
Hochi Phiangsu next election
26 November, 2016
Meeting place
Phiangsu Capital Hall, Yangtilli
Phiangsu Capital Hall, Yangtilli
The Phiangsu(Chiang:สุพีอ่างทอง Phiắngtsứi) is the national legislative body of Chiangari. The upper house is the Krungtep(Chiang:หานคร Tiếng ku Ea'Việt), and the lower house is Hochi(Chiang:กรุท).The Phiansu is the main component of the liberial branch of the Government of Chiangari. Out of the 779 members, 495 of thm elect the new Phuvarnakan(a.k.a. head of Phiangsu).

Upper House

UH Krungtep Phiangsu of Chiangari

Seating for Krungtep Phiangsu

The Upper house is called the Krungtep Phiangsu(Chiang: หานคร Tiếng ku Ea'Việt) There are 443 members in 13 parties of the Krungtep Phiangsu. The most populated party is the Tieginet Party(dark lime on the map), with 91 members.

Lower House

LH Hochi Phiangsu of Chiangari

The seating for the Hochi Phiangsu