United States of America
Flag of the United States
Philadelphia government claim map
Capital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Government Federal presidential republic
• President
Kenneth Carmichael
• Vice President
Jeremy Young
Legislature Congress
House of Representatives

The United States federal government of Philadelphia (commonly referred to as the Philadelphia government or simply Philadelphia) was one of the various "federal governments" throughout the United States which claimed to be the legitimate government of the country after the beginning of the Second American Civil War. This government was modeled exactly like the Washington D.C.-based federal government, granting political supremacy to the US constitution and the states, however, had its influence essentially only limited to the New England region of the US, with small pockets of support throughout the country. The Exodus to New England would later occur, when most of the supporters of the Philadelphia government's claim to legitimacy moved to New England. Shortly thereafter, the New England Republic was established, and the Philadelphia government abolished.


Civil War

New England Republic




  • Speaker of the House:
  • House Majority Leader:
  • House Minority Leader:
  • President: Jeremy Young (Vice President of the US)
  • Senate Majority Leader:
  • Senate Minority Leader:

Supreme Court

  • Chief Justice:

Armed Forces

  • Chief of Defense Staff: David Ramsee (current NEDF Defense Council Chairman)

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