Piaza Lanesa sign

Piaza Lanesa is a station in the Carona Metro served by the Green, Orange and Blue lines. Built in 1948, it is the most important station/hub in the south of Carona. It is named after the Lanese Confederation.


Orange Line
Piaza Independenza - Terminal

Green Line
Granvia station - Faures

Blue LineGranvia station - Faures

Orange Line
Eus carameles signAdelia fierro signManno signCarmanis signPiaza castel signEstadio carona signSerra-Grana signPaladio real signFontenoy tation signSenieres signCristove vianna signBalaguePiaza indep signPiaza Lanesa sign
Green Line

Santa Maria signTereza Bela signPiaza alpedra signAnt antonio mayor signTempines signFontenoy tation signColombes signAngorza signGranvia signPiaza Lanesa signFaures signUnac signIsania sign

Blue Line

Piaza castel signMenis signViergens signFontenoy tation signEugenio cavall signMontreus signPiaza Lanesa signPiaza shikut signBienquer signSainza signVigana sur signFiura sign

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