Planet Picturial and her moon Hermes

Planet Picturial
is a rocky planet, orbiting a star in the HDJ200 solarsystem. The planet counts five large continents and south and north poles.


Picturial was formed from fifteen different planets in the earlier years of the HDJ200 solarsystem. In her life, she had thirdteen climate changes. From tropical to ice age, from stable climate to tropical again.


The climate of planet Picturial is varried. Snowstorms are very rare on Picturial. Summers are caused by the active star Antares, in the last months of a year temperatures of 40°c degrees can shown up.


Picturial is colonized by the Antareans. Antareans are brown-purple creatures. Their civilization began after two gigantic world wars. United States of Peekarica became the super power on the planet.

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