Pinewood is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean between the latitudes of 0 and 23.5 N. The country is shaped like an eight. Its government is a Presidential Democratic Republic. The president since 2004 has been Charlie Morris, who is serving his 2nd 8-year term as president.  


Pinewood Island was discovered by John Pinewood, a British explorer, in 1689, who named it after himself. Pinewood declared independence in 1847 after the British tried to draft hundreds of thousands of troops from Pinewood to try and take the United States back. The British took offence to this message then tried to use the drafted troops to invade Pinewood. None of the soldiers followed their orders, so the Pinewood Revolution was over in three days. On August 12, 1847, Pinewood was officially a nation. Soon after Pinewood wrote its own constitution and formed its current government. 


The government of Pinewood is a Presidential Democratic Republic with three branches: Legislative, Exeutive, and Judicial. The Legislative is a unicameral system, with the house being Congress. The Judical branch consists of all the courts, with the Supreme Court making all decisions on Constitutionality. The supreme law of the land is the Constitution. All Provinces have to follow these laws. 


Pinewood has very diverse terrain from mountains to coasts. It has six provinces: North Kent, South Kent, Charlotte, Pinewood, Chandler, and Goodwin.


Pinewood is the main province, as it contains the capital city, Pinewood. Pinewood is the second largest city. 


Charlotte is the most populated province, however it is the smallest by area. It contains the busiest cities in 

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