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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Lorica's dual-planar reality

The world of Lorica has both a material reality which people live in, and separate reality of dark matter. At its most basic, the two realities are almost like mirror images of one another - but although many chemical and natural laws behave differently between the two realities, there are common elements, such as gravity and a shared set of dimensions. Both realities are comprised of matter, ranging from the most basic atoms or motes all the way up to complex organisms. However, the two realities cannot be directly interacted with, save via anchemical processes. The world (planet) of Lorica has about the same quantity of each (Tessa slightly less by a few percentage points).

Note the near mirror-like quality of the two realities/planes of existence:

Plane/Reality Asset Tessa both
(aseta) (tesa)
aka. inside outside
Matter light matter dark matter matter
Energy light energy dark energy energy
Process/Study chemistry (cemia) alchemistry (alcemia) anchemistry (ancemia)
Process (adj.) chemical (cemiade) alchemical (alcemiade) anchemical (ancemiade)
Particle atom (atma) mote (mota)
Compound molecule (molecula) moiety (moieta)
Complex compound protein (proteina) star/functional group (astia)
Enzyme chain endoplasmic reticulum starscript (astiascripta)
Cellular cell cell
Organism plant (flora)
animal (fauna)
fae/faerie (faera)

Light matter cannot enter the dark matter world, and dark matter cannot enter the light matter world. While there are essentially counterparts for everything in the light-matter world in the dark-matter world and vice versa, the counterparts are not identical, so for example while there may be a periodic table in the light matter world, with all its patterns and attributes, that does not hold true for dark matter; dark matter motes will have their own organizational pattern.

All the laws of nature as we know, as can be proven with our science, hold true for the "real" universe (the Asset). The old name of the Asset is the "inside". Everything in our universe is comprised of atoms. Atoms are the smallest building block of normal (light) matter, although they may be further subdivided (into quarks, bosons, strings, etc). Matter may be converted into energy and vice versa, but the total amount of matter and energy in Asset cannot be changed by physical processes limited to only the Asset.

Similarly, everything in the Tessa is comprised of motes (or called mota in Lorican). The old name of the Tessa is the "outside". The old name for motes is "stars". Motes are the smallest building block of negative (dark) matter (not to be confused with antimatter), although they may be further subdivided (into the dark counterparts of strings). Motes exist only in the Tessa, along with 'dark energy', which is the dark-matter counterpart of energy. Dark matter may be converted into dark energy and vice versa, but the total amount of dark matter and dark energy in the Tessa cannot be changed by physical processes limited to only the outsides.

Of the four fundamental forces of physics, only the gravitational force traverses this boundary. (All four fundamental forces have effects within their own realms, however.)

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