Around 1,111 BC a cow named Mopotoyolokojodogowobonomo had an idea to create a language where the only vowel used was O. He liked the idea because there are lots of O's in his name. Haha I bet you couldn't tell there were lots of O's in his name, haha I bet you couldn't because his name was to annoying to read. Anyway, at age 257 he wasted all of his money making a manmade island and creating a language for the wombats and badgers he sent there. To persuade them to come he started a series of showmercials now called moooooooooooooos.

One wombat named Robert.J.Meepewekeert (Meep-ewe-kee-rt) protested and changed all the O's to E's on a lunch menu. Meepewekeert and his cyborg pig army were arrested causing much commotion among wombats and the cyborg pigs of Mars. The cyborg pigs of Mars sent a meesage saying afgasfuisfbhuibhu b shnfaehsfjkh efurhfuawrhf rhtgrughuwrgfuirfg rj rueih e to the wombats.

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