The Point Defense Network is a series of thermal batteries, SAM arrays, and SDI grids developed by the Hurian Federation over two decades, designed to stopped any missiles attacks with 96.3% accuracy. More geared toward the Union of Everett's Planetary Defense System which has allowed it to destroy any nation on Earth from the comfort of the President's office, the PDN is updated whenever possible to counter the Everetti threat to Huria.


Rollace Williams

During the Cold War, the Hurian Supeme Commander Rollace Williams realized the danger posed by the nuclear weapons being trotted around by the superpowers, and knew very well that he could not depend on them not to refrain from "pressing the button" if they were ever faced with the choice. In the 1980s, Rollace was told of the American president Ronold Reagan's idea known as the "Star Wars Program", to develop an array of defenses that would protect it from Soviet nukes during a war. While the Americans never pushed on with the idea, Huria did. Rollace knew all to well that Huria could not pursue a war with either of the superpowers as they possessed nuclear weapons Huria could not defend itself from, and thus Huria would not be able to challenge either side should the day ever arrive. In 1984, set up the same time as the United States' Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, Huria would begin developing asystem designed, not to follow the stategy of mutual destruction, but to absorb an enemy's nuclear strikes, and then strike back on even terms once the enemy's advantage was wasted.

Defense System

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