The Republic of Polier is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean near Canada. The country is an extremely powerful nation and has the highest GDP. Of the 1.5 million armed forces personnel, 750,000 are used in UN peacekeeping operations. Polier stands for 'People's Own Land, Internationally Expected Recognition' because the people wanted the land to become independent and wanted other nations to recognise it as a sovereign state.


From 1674 to 2000 Polier was a British Oversea's Territory called West Canada. On the Millennium Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II announced that Polier would gain its independence. By 4th January 2000 the British Oversea's Territory West Canada was renamed Polier, an abbreviation of the island's nickname.


Polier is headed by the President who is elected every five years. The President oversees the various Ministers, such as the Minister of Defence and Minister of Education. The government has been corrupted in the past, but current President Joe McWilson has fired over 200 government employees, including the former Minister of Police and the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs. The current Government's main goal is stamping out corruption in the police.

Law and Order

In Polier several laws are relaxed. Smoking is not prohibited in public places, and under 18's can drink alcohol in public places, as long as they are with a responsible adult. The Polier Security Police, the main Law Enforcement Agency, only have a pistol and handcuffs, so they can shoot any suspect who runs away. Most officers aim for the legs of the fleeing suspect, but some 'accidently' kill fleeing suspects. Of the 100,000+ Security Police officers, more than 15,000 have done something against the law at least once. In serious public order situations, such as riots, the Polier Security Police Special Enforcement Team (SET) is called in.


The Polier Defence Forces are the Military of Polier. There are 1.5 million active personnel, of which 1 million are in the Ground Forces and 250,000 each in the Naval Forces and Air Forces. The Ground Forces have a huge tank force with 35,000 tanks. They also have 12,000 intelligence personnel. The Naval Forces have 12 Aircraft Carriers, 55 Destroyers and 25 Submarines, with numerous smaller vessels. of the Submarines, 5 are Nuclear Armed Ballistic missile Submarines. The Air Forces have over 3000 aircraft including 750 Fighters and 320 Attack Helicopters. Despite this large size most are used for Peacekeeping operations.

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