Polier Flag

The flag of Polier, also used as the official ensign of the Polier Defence Forces

The Polier Defence Forces include the Republic ofPolier Ground Forces, the Republic of Polier Naval Service and the Polier Air Forces. Total active personnel is 1.5 Million. They are responsible for the defence of Polier and its Citizens.

Ground Forces

The Polier Ground Forces, or Army, make up the majority of the Defence Forces. There are 1 million active personnel. The Ground Forces have 35,000 Main Battle Tanks, a 12,000 strong Intelligence Corps, and some of the most advanced Artillery in the world. Despite this the Army has a mainly Peacekeeping role. The current Chief of Staff and Commander in Chief of the Ground Forces is Field Marshal Homer Griffin.

Naval Service

The Republic of Polier Naval Service, or Navy, includes 250,000 personnel including Marines. The Navy has 12 Aircraft Carriers. The Navy also has 55 Destroyers and 65 Submarines, including 25 SSBN's. The Navy has over 100 Frigates as well. Of the Destroyers 45 are based on the American Arleigh Burke Class and ten on the British Type 45 Class. The Submarines were designed by Polier Shipbuilders, but are similar to some existing designs. The current Chief of Staff and Commander in Chief is Senior Admiral Peter Simpson.

Air Force

The Polier Air Forces have a wide range of Aircraft. Of the 750 Fighters 250 are based on various MIGs and the rest on US Air Force Planes and Eurofighter Typhoon. There are also 320 Attack Helicopters, mainly based on the Apache but also some on the Russian Mi Mil 24. The rest of the Aircraft includes AWACS, Transport Planes and various Helicopters. There are 250,000 personnel in the Polier Air Forces, including Paratroopers. The Air Forces operate most Polier Military Aircraft, howver the Navy operates all shipborne aircraft. The Air Forces have spy planes, converted airliners, that are repainted nearly every day for security reasons. The current Chief of Staff and Commander in Chief is Air Marshal Luke Kenobi

Peacekeping operations

The Polier Defence Forces have assigned 750,000 personnel as UN Peacekeepers. This includes 700,000 from the Army and 25,000 each from the Navy and Air Forces. These rotate regulary, and all Polier Defence Forces Personnel must serve at least one tour as a UN Peacekeeper, regardless of Rank or Position.


The Polier Defence Forces have thre main uniforms. The main uniform (Army/Navy/Air Forces) includes a Khaki/White/Light Blue Shirt with Green/Black/Dark blue trousers. A Green/Black/Dark Blue beret is worn. Rank insignia is worn on Green/Black/Dark Blue shoulder slides. On operations Ground Forces and Marines wear a Green or Khaki camo uniform depending on location. Flying personnel wear a green Flightsuit.


In times of war, the Polier Government can call up Citizens to fight. At present there is no Conscription, however criminals may be forced to join the Defence Forces if prisons are overcrowded.

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