Polish - South Prussian War
Part of Fall of Communism
Date December 1991 - January 1992
Location South Prussia
Status Ended
Prussia flag Republic of South Prussia
Baltic state Baltic State
Flag of Poland Poland
United Baltic Armed Forces Polish Armed Forces
Prussian Defense Force
Commanders and leaders
Prussia flag Janosch Mertin
Baltic state Артем Кузнецов
Baltic state Miervalidis Laukaitis
Baltic state Aleksander Rüütel
Flag of Poland Wojciech Jaruzelski
Flag of Poland Lech Wałęsa
Flag of Poland Tadeusz Mazowiecki
Flag of Poland Zdzisław Stelmaszuk

Polish - South Prussian War


The Polish Invasion of South Prussia began in Early December 1991 Shortly before the Creation of the Baltic State. The conflict arose when the region of South Prussia democratically voted for their independence and succession from the Polish Republic, The new South Prussia received widespread recognition from Socialist states and at the time from NATO members Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The newly formed South Prussia was to be one of the founding nations of the Baltic State in Union with North Prussia. Shortly before the official creation of the Baltic State, Poland suddenly and deliberately invaded South Prussia.

Beginning of the war