The political units and divisions of the Allied States include:

  • The 9 states of Allied States Proper. The states are further subdivided into counties and cities (either independent or part of the counties). All nine states have mandatory supreme courts, appeal courts and superior courts:
    • Texas
    • Comanche
    • Apache
    • San Andreas
    • Rocky State
    • Kansas
    • Nebraska
    • Iowa
    • Dakota
  • The 6 provinces of Allied Canada. Each province has a unique system of local government which may include upper-tier or rural jurisdictions such as counties, municipal districts, regional municipalities, regional districts or regional county municipalities, and lower-tier or urban jurisdictions such as cities, towns, villages, townships, and parishes. Each province has mandatory supreme courts, appeal courts and superior courts:
    • Yukon
    • Northwest Territories
    • Nunavut
    • Alberta
    • Saskatchewan
    • Manitoba

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