Executive branch

  • Governor Stanley Morris
  • Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Smith
  • Cabinet
    • Military Department - Adjuntant General Steven McLeery
    • Department of Finance and the Treasury - MEG Preston Broker
    • Department of Enterprises and Housing - MEG Gary Harding
    • Department of Education - MEG Claude Brodie
    • Department of Emergency Management and Disaster Relief - MEG Natalie Reddings
    • Department of the Environment - MEG Harold Gillman
    • Department of Public Health - MEG Joe Warner
    • Department of Labor - MEG Trilleth Broker
    • Department of Justice and Security - Attorney General Reginald Matthews

Legislative branch

  • Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Smith
  • Speaker Arnold Ramsey
  • 50 legislators

Judicial branch

  • Chief Justice Preston McDonald
  • Associate Justices
    • Jeff Boatman
    • Bruce McCue
    • Vanessa Noel
    • Nicholas Murdock

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