Flag of the Eastern Sahara

The Government of Eastern Sahara is a unicarmel Federal Presidential Republic, where the president is the head of state, head of government and commander in-chief of the Armed Forces, in a multi-party system. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the single chamber, the Peoples Assembly of Eastern Sahara. The judiciary is independant and held by the Constitutional Court.

The government follows the Constitution of Eastern Sahara, which establishes the organization of the government and sets out the principles and rules of the state's conduct along with its responsibilities towards its citizens. The constitution also establishes the rights and responsibilities of the latter while setting the guidelines for the delegation and exercise of sovereignty that belongs to the East Saharan people.

Executive Branch

Office Name Since
President Ahmed Shafik Janaury 2012
Vice President Kamal Gonzouri January 2012


Office Name
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Agriculture Samir Ismalia
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Antiquities Zahi Hawas
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Defence Balsan al Hawaziz
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Energy Samir Radawan
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Education and Culture Hassan Fahid
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Environmental Affairs Ashraf Mahan
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Finance and Economy Ibrahim Saran
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Foriegn Affairs Yuksek Sadakat
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Health Mahmoud Fahmy
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Fathy El-Baradadi
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Interior Syed Jihlan
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Justice Abdou Il-Mahad
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Science and Technology Hussein Fawd
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Tourism Kamil Abdulaziz
Eastern Sahara Ministry of Transportation Amr Diab
Governor of the Central Bank of Eastern Sahara Munir Ismit
Ambassador to the United Nations Aswad Nasrer
Director of East Saharan Intelligence Bureau Munwad Hasr

Legislative Branch

The conutry has a unicarmel government, and the Legislative branch comprises of the Peoples Assembly of Eastern Sahara, the assembley consists of 450 appointet members who represent the government, and oppostition from other political parties.

Judicial Branch

Administrative Divisions

Eastern Sahara is divided into 44 governorates, each has its own elected governor, and council. The elected governor is the head of the council. Each governor is in power for a four-year term, and can be re-elected 5 times.

Political Parties and Elections

See Also: List of Political Parties of Eastern Sahara

According to the East Saharan Constitution, political parties are allowed to exist. Religious political parties are not allowed as it would not respect the principle of non-interference of religion in politics and that religion has to remain in the private sphere to respect all beliefs. Also forbidden are political parties supporting militia formations or having an agenda that is contradictory to the constitution and its principles, or threatening the country's stability such as national unity between Muslim and Christians.

As of 2012 there are over 20 political parties in Eastern Sahara, the largest being the Freedom and Justice Party, East Sahara Social Democratic Party and the New Wafd Party

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