Ponantian Spanish
Spoken in

Flag of the Ponant Ponant

Number of speakers 5 million native
20 million total
Regulated by No official regulation

The Ponantian Spanish language (lengua castellana ponanciana) is the form of the Castillan language spoken in the Ponant. As a local official language of many provinces, the number of total speakers of this language is estimated to be about thirty to twenty million. Unlike widely spoken Criollatina language, this one is very similar to the Castillan language spoken in Spain.

One of the differences between this form of Spanish and the traditional Spanish language is the systematic nasalisation of vowels followed by an -n and -m. There are also a palatalisation of the /k/ phoneme into /kj/ when the consonant is preceeded by e- or i-. Final -r are no longer proncounced.

This language has been brought into the Lemurian Archipelago in the seveenteenth century, when Spanish settlers have made a unsuccessful trial to settle the Island.


Spanish language has been the prestige language in the Ponant for two centuries (form 17th to 19th century). Due to isolation from other Spanish-speaking countries and regions, it has experienced a separate evolution, it's conservative nature makes mutual understanding possible with other local Spanish language variants of other countries.

Difference between standard and Ponantian Spanish


The consonants of Ponantian Spanish
  Labial Dental Alveolar Post-
Palatal Velar Glottal Labio-
Plosive p p
b, v b
  c, qu k
g, gu ɡ
gu, gü, hu ɡʷ
Approximant b, v β̞ d ð̞   i, hi, y j g, gu ɣ u, hu w
gu, gü, hu ɣʷ
Affricate   c, z, tz ts ch
y ɟʝ ~ ʝ  
Fricative f f s s
s, z z
x ʃ j, g, x x j, g, s, x h ju ~
Nasal m, n m n, m n   ñ, n ɲ n ŋ
Lateral l l
Trill   r, rr r    
Tap   r ɾ    

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