Zuanauri flag
Zuanauri coat of arms
Location on the world map

Zuanauri officially the Federal Republic of Zuanauri(Zuanese:君が代 Zyanigi Pyigoghouz Fiujia-koku) is a island country located in the Southern Pacific containing two large landmasses and and several smaller islands. The country has 156 million people on two islands. Zuanauri is a highly developed nation with a wealthy economy. Zuanauri's capital is Okkai, and its largest city is Chengdu.

Zuanauri has a very good economy that is ranked in the top ten in the world. Zuanauri's currency is Rados, which is worth US$1.27. It also one of the world's most reserve currency. Zuanauri play a major role in the world's distribution of motherboards, circuits, and electronic devices. Zuanauri is home to 42 of the World 500 Companies.

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