The Power Triangle is the term given to the three dominant species that inhabit the Low East Sector. They are the Luranians, the Noralians, and the Paralians.


Within only thirty years of their first meetings, the three species began to conflict over who should control which areas of space. The main reason for their arguments were a small solar system of planets that contained some particularly rare minerals. One of these planets in particular was Elisium, this being the most ferociously challenged for. The main reason for this is because it contains minerals that are so valuable that they could (according to a leading Noral businessman) power an entire planet's economy for decades. Such is the reason for their war.

The term Power Triangle was first used on neutral planets that had no interest in challenging these three superpowers for such resources. It was used because no planet would ever gain an advantage as they are so closely matched. Because of this, the balance of power remains the same.

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