1.     Ryilt Major/Lesser: 735,000:

Exports: Water, Wheat, Barley, Rice, Weapons, Iron, Opal, Metal casts, Slaves, alcohol

2.     Makrye: 620,000:

Exports: Written Text, Religion, Clay, Bricks, Knowledge, Grain, Goats, Pottery

3.     Fabudibal: 603,000:

Exports: Iron, Copper, Bronze, Stone, Water, Tools, Grain, Ibyx

4.    Rogmad: 580,000:

Exports: Tools, Glass, Parchment, Lentils, Chickpeas, Spices, Horses, Leather

5.    Likalo: 562,000:

Exports: Clay, Grain, Goats, Bamboo, Spears, Swords, Marble

6.  Iltka: 256,000:

Export: Fruit, Beads, Stone, Quarry, Stone, Medicinal Herbs, Roots, Spices, Dried Fruit, Medicine

7.     Urtek: 543,000:

Exports: Stone, Zinc, Copper, Copper plating, Armor, Weapons, Ancient goods, Grain, Barley, tea

8.   Dryvtol: 520,000:

Exports: Sapphire, diamonds, slaves, water, grain, cotton, rice

9.     Obtoll: 510,000

Exports:  Water, camel, cattle, leather, silver, slate, lentils, chickpeas, mirrors

10. Tynok: 510,000

Exports: Silk, Slaves, Felines, Dried Meat, pork products, Oils, Soapstone

11.Fomin: 498,000

Exports: stone, parchment, clay, tools, dried cakes, pepper, Dyru, tea

12. Haktyk: 492,000

Exports:  Lentils, Chickpeas, Ancient merchandise, Spices, horse meat, polish, Amora strands, yarn.

13. Baghbushi: 485,000

Exports: Sorghum, Yucca root, Artifacts, stamps, wax, red dye, tea,

14. Taskraki: 465,000

Exports: Scythes, rice, ruby, green dye, violet dye, cloth, jasmine, lace, needles, rugs.

13: Tyrund: 430,000

Exports: Tea, mats, alcohol , celadon, skins, leopards, porcelain, glaze, cinnamon, ginger,

14. Eryt: 400,000

Exports: Gold dust, tariffs, drugs, hallucinogens, opium, salt

15.  Omidraga: 385,000

Exports: Ivory, Carved Ivory, bones, Artifacts, Meteor iron, Meteor jewelry,    jewelry,

16.  Yezrii: 364,000

Exports: Fragrances, Blue dye, Yellow dye, perfume, rubber, refined rubber

17.   Nakotosh: 856,000

Exports: Skins, teeth, jerky

18.   Meehye:  324,000

Clay, clay tabs, pottery, paint, blood, slaves, tiles

19.   Opal: 242,000

crackers, opals, quartz, shells, oils, lens, glasses, written text, carved text.

20.    Fort Drivalo: 321,000


21.   Tivolt: 121,000

Ivory, skins, teeth, paint, headdresses, feathers, zebra, exotic beasts, slaves

22. Oktyl, Heltry & Tyvek: 92,000

Wood, spices, stone, salt

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