Pravus Combat Legions
Global Armaments Combat Drones
Battle drones of the Pravus Combat Legions
Founded 23 March 2004
Country Pravus International
Type Armed forces
Role Protection and expansion of Pravus' possessions and assets
Size 1.3 million combat units
143,285 human personnel
Nickname Iron Legions
Motto Pacem per chalybs
Peace through steel
Julius Marshall
Aircraft flown
Attack QF-4

The Pravus Combat Legions are the automatic battle drone forces of Pravus International, forming the core of the corporation's fighting forces. Founded in 2004 as a last-ditch attempt to circumvent the United Nations' attempts to strangle the company's ability to field private military organizations against nations,  the Combat Legions serve as the military arm of Pravus, one of which cannot be brought up on charges or interrogated, keeping the company and its secrets safe. Loyal, dangerous, and most of all, replacable, the Combat Legions are capable of doing what most militaries cannot or simply will not do themselves.

As far as the rest of the world knows, Pravus International fields seventeen combat legions in total; thirteen general legions, and four rapid response legions, the former designed for holding territories and protecting Pravus territories, and the latter an active round-the-clock force ready to be deployed anywhere on the globe at a moment's notice. These forces total some one million combat units, and each one's strength depending on the location and importance of their respective regions, the exception by the rapid response legions which all share the same total number of combat drones.




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