ED-3 Oppressor
ED-3 Oppressor
A ED-3 Oppressor during a live fire test in Palestine
Role Bipedal combat mech
National origin Logo of Pravus International Pravus International
Manufacturer Logo of Pravus International Pravus International
Designed by Global Armaments
Introduction 10 May 2013
Status In service, in production
Primary user Pravus Combat Legions
Number built 113
Unit cost $1.8 million
The Pravus ED-3 Oppressor is a fully-automated bipedal combat droid designed and manufactured by Pravus International. The walker was developed to serve as a heavy weapons platform for high-intensity combat operations in urban conditions where heavy firepower would be needed for clearing out large numbers of heavily-armed and protected soldiers and vehicles. Pravus International plans to use them within the Pravus Combat Legions, but also plans to negotiate with national governments for contracts with their military forces for use in war.

Pravus had long been hoping to sell the Oppressor on the foreign market, though few countries even considered the mech for combat duties. The "excessive overkill" as commentors put it, was deemed too much for even the most unscrupulous of military forces in the world's pariah states, and members of NATO refused to consider it as a weapon in the arsenals of its many militaries. With that, Pravus is the only combat user of the ED-3, and as a result, the corporation has only ordered 150 of the machines, with the potential to construct another 100 should the need arise.


Operational history


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