QF-4 Manhunter
QF-4 Manhunter
A QF-4 Manhunter over the Sahara Desert
Role Multirole drone aircraft
National origin Logo of Pravus International Pravus International
Manufacturer Logo of Pravus International Pravus International
First flight 12 Feburary 2003
Introduction 4 November 2005
Status In service, in production
Primary user Pravus Combat Legions
Number built 907
Unit cost $4.7 million
The Pravus QF-4 Manhunter is an unmanned VTOL drone fighter designed for air superiority and ground attack mission. Designed and manufactuered by Pravus International, the QF-4 is the leading drone fighter in the world, as well as the most heavily-armed to date. Serving as the corporation's main arm in the air, the QF-4 is a highly successful autonomous fighter craft, and deployed where ever Pravus main need to engage itself militarily. It was successful in shooting down 104 of the Israeli Air Force's fighter jets in 2007, while only losing 26 of its own.

Pravus had the craft mass-produced in 2008 shortly after the beginning of the Second American Civil War a year prior, wishing to deal with the potential threat of having one of the many successor states attempting to attack their North American possessions. Since the fighter is a drone, Pravus has been able to build many of the craft without the issue of having to train drone pilots, or actual ones at that, providing the company with a natural advantage over potential enemies.


The QF-4 Manhunter was drawn up originally as a stealth drone to fly ahead of human forces and scout out enemy positions and mark them for termination. However, the idea to transform the drone in a fully autonomous combat drone was put forth by the research teams of Global Armaments, the largest arms producing subsidary of Pravus International. Seeing a chance to compete with Western military as a major air power, Pravus permitted the weaponization of the QF-4, and Global Armaments went to work developing weapons and countermeasures that would place the drone in the category of a light unmanned drone with the capabilities of a fully-functioning combat aircraft. The result was the first QF-4 constructed in Luksurya on Feburary 8, 2003. It was tested four days after its completion on Feburary 13th, over the Bright of Biafra for the Pravus board of directors and the project managers.

The Manhunter displayed its effectiveness as a combat craft, and during a firing test on a decommissioned Pravus cargo ship, destroyed the ship on the first pass using its nose-mounted M61 Vulcan cannon. The advanced optic systems were shown to the observors as being capable of distinguishing friend from foe, and possessed equally advanced sensoring equipment allowing its to detected and evade enemy aircraft, allowing the combat drone to effectively outrun its purserers without much in the way presenting itself a target. Impressed with the resulted, Pravus officially adopted the QF-4 into its arsenal of already formidable weapons, and began work on constructing a number of the craft for planned anti-insurgency missions over Africa. The first batch of QF-4's were built in 2004, and entered into service with the Pravus Combat Legions in November of 2008.

Operational history


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