The Prefectures of Westland consist of four prefectures and serve as the main administrative divisions of the Westlandic People's Republic. The modern prefectures were first established in 1923 following the establishment of the socialist state following the signing of the Local Government Act of 1923 which granted the prefectures to establish their own local governments and were all given permission to oversee their own personal and internal affairs as long as their policies don't interfere with the policies and laws of the larger central government, though their power is limited due to the unitary system of government in Westland. 


Prefecture Transliteration Capital Population
BristolianFlag BrikkstoCoat Bяıжитӧ Пяᴍᴇᴍктля Brikksto Prefektur Brikkstö 2,800,000
FlagofGlastoPrefecture SealofGlastoPrefecture Ѫгaитö Пяᴍᴇᴍктля Glastö Prefektur Glastö
KantoFlag KantoPrefectureArms Kӓɴтӧ Пяᴍᴇᴍктля Kanto Prefektur Kӓntӧ
VikunoFlag Vıклɴö Пяᴍᴇᴍктля Vikuno Prefektur Vikunö