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--Bona al la encycla lorica.


  1. de (of) (about) (than) (from) (belonging to) (owned by) (possession)
  2. al (toward) (against) (versus) (upon) (onto) (to)
  3. at (at)
  4. ade (back)
  5. pre (front)
  6. pare (with respect to) (for (group))[1]
  7. en (in)
  8. as (as)
  9. so (then) (as a result) (so) (thus)
  10. par (by) (via) (through) (by means of)
  11. por (because) (due to) (for) (owing to) (on behalf of)
  12. on (on)
  13. thu (through) (across)
  14. contra (against (by (place-wise)))


  1. ade de (after) (behind) (consequent to)
  2. ti ade de (after) (behind) (consequent to) - time
  3. to ade de (after) (behind) (consequent to) - place
  4. desti ade de (until)
  5. pre de (before) (ahead of) (prior to)
  6. ti pre de (before) (ahead of) (prior to) - time
  7. to pre de (before) (ahead of) (prior to) - place
  8. ti la (this time)
  9. to la (this place)
  10. ti le (that time)
  11. to le (that place)
  12. ende (inside)
  13. en de (inside of)
  14. desende (outside) (out)
  15. desen de (outside of)
  16. desenau de (about) (circa)
  17. desen circa (around)
  18. itau de (above) (higher than) (over)[2]
  19. desitau de (below) (lower than) (beneath) (under)
  20. pare daea (with respect to (a group))
  21. pare (along)
  22. to ende etha (between)
  23. des of (except) (save) (aside from) (instead of)
  24. al en (into)
  25. to u de (far from)
  26. to desu de or desto de (near) (next to) #(by (by (place-wise)))
  27. incau de (next)[3]
  28. deson (off)
  29. de desto de (opposite (place-wise))
  30. par dica de (according to)
  31. a de... (as for...) (as to...)
  32. de en de... (from out of...) (from within...)
  33. case de (in case of)
  34. usa de (in place of)
  35. despor (despite) (in spite of) (regardless of)
  36. a (with) (along with)[4]
  37. enu to de (beyond)
  38. enu ti de (after) (following) (since)
  39. en to de (amid) (among) (at same place as)
  40. en ti de (while) (during) (simultaneously)


  1. not for comparisons
  2. Combination of 'ita', 'au', and 'de'
  3. Combination of 'inca' and '-u'
  4. This is just 'and'

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