The Announcement of Reforms was an announcement given by the then President George W. Bush on August 1, 2004 from the California Capitol Building in Sacramento, California. The announcement was given five-months after Cascadia ceded from the United States. The announcement particullary crtiticize the governors of Everett for following an young Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer into seceding from the United States, as well as the government of Cascadia.

The Announcement of Reforms

George W. Bush (President of the United States): "My fellow Americans. It breaks my heart to say that I am not addressing you from Washington DC, but from the courthouse in Sacramento, California. Why am I in California, you might ask? Well, the irresponsible governors in what is now Everett decided to follow a young American by the name of Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer, and secede from the United States without perfect reason. Spencer convinced them that the fifteen states need to secede due to violation of African-American rights and women's rights, which have been solved back in the 1910s and 1960s. The unnecessary invasion or military intervention against foreign nations. Vietnam was part of the Cold War and to keep Communism at bay; Grenada was invaded to protect American civilians and students on the island; Panama was supported by the population; and the only that I can not prove is Iraq. America, it was Spencer that started the chain reaction of formation of nations within the United States and their eventual secession. And what about this Cascadia? Well, Cascadia are a bunch of liberals who have been against the policies of the United States government for years. And what about this Kingdom of Texas and its monarchy. Besides being a monarchy, I really can't criticize Texas and its government. I have met with my fellow cabinet members, state governors, and congressmen, and have all agreed that reformations within the government are the best way to continue on as a strong America. A series of acts will be passed by the United States Government and Congress, and will reform the government, the military, and the government's policies. Good night, and God Bless America."

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