Seal of the United Republic
The President of Great Britain, is the head of state for the United Republic of Great Britain, after the British Monarchy was abolished. The President is appointed by the Prime Minister, and serves a mostly ceremonial office, as the Prime Minister is the head of government. The President ensures the implementation of the British constitution, and represents the country.

Powers of the President

The President retains the following powers;

Domestic Powers

  • The power to dismiss and appoint other ministers
  • The power to grant or refuse Assent to bills (making them valid and law)
  • The power to commission officers in the Armed Forces
  • The power to command the Armed Forces of the United Republic
  • The power to issue and withdraw passports
  • The power to grant Prerogative of mercy (though Capital Punishment is abolished, this power is still used to remedy errors in sentence calculation)
  • The power to grant honours

Foreign Powers

  • The power to ratify and make treaties
  • The power to declare War and Peace
  • The power to deploy the Armed Forces overseas
  • The power to recognize states
  • The power to credit and receive diplomats.

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