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President of the Republic of Juno
Presidential Seal of Juno
Presidential Standard of Juno
Karl Mainet

since 22 November 4105
Executive Office of the President
Style Your Excellency (Formal)
Mr. President (Informal)
Residence Presidential Palace
Nominator House of Deputies
Appointer Senate
upon nomination by the House of Deputies
Term length 5 years
the president can serve as many terms as they like as long as they command a majority in the House of Deputies.
Formation 1 January 2098 A45
Salary $350,000 annually
Website gov.president.jn

The President of Juno officially the President of the Unified Republic of Juno is the head of government and head of state of Juno. Unlike most presidential systems the president is part of the legislative and executive branches of government. The president is not elected by the general electorate but is nominated by the House and appointed by the Senate. The president must be a House of Deputies member elected by the general electorate. The president serves a five year term and is subject to no term limit.

As the head minister in the government the president is to direct all other ministers and government departments as outlined in Article 5, Clause 2 of the constitution. They are also wholly responsible for upholding the law in government and stopping corruption. The president is also Supreme Commander of the Juno Armed Forces and have the authority to declare war on another nation after Senate approval.

The 212th President and incumbent is Karl Mainet who was elected in November 4105.

Roles and Duties

Powers during time of war/emergency

Formation and History

Assassination Attempts

Since the formation of the office there have been 8 assassination attempts with 3 of them successful. The last assassination to occur was the Assassination of Christopher Prendergast which took place in 4047. Prendergast was in the middle of private members business when a gunmen dressed as a Parliamentary Steward opened fire on the president. Along with him his Minister for Housing was critically injured and died 2 months later from complications. Prendergast however was pronounced dead at the scene. The gunmen was Benedict Indra a far-right fanatic who was unimpressed with Prendergasts policies. The following day protests outside right-wing groups led to multiple injuries. The government subsequently destabilized and the SDP left power.

Benefits and Salary

The president has a wide ranging number of benefits along with a 350,000 junoian dollar salary per year. The president is entitled to residence at the Presidential Palace for the entirety of their term. They may furnish and redecorate as they please with their own private money though if they wish to use public money the Senate must be advise.

The office also comes with a personal command jumbo jet called PC-1 and a smaller private jet called PC-2. There is also a military helicopter called PHC-1. The president also receives petrol costs of $100,000 annually and also receives a private jeep. This is alongside the presidential car and presidential armored SUV.

After a president has finished their term they are entitled to a $235,000 annual salary and also receive private housing anywhere they wish. They also receive private plane services for 20 years and also receive free covered health costs and insurance for 20 years.

Current Ministry

List of Presidents

No. Portrait Name


Term Start Term End Political Party
Donald May 5 February 3969 14 November 3979
200 Matthias Scanlon(3943-4022) 5 February 4011 14 November 4016 Conservative Party
201 Scher Pene(3920-4018) 5 February 4016 2 July 4018
202 Clyde Wedlock(3938-4028) 5 July 4018 14 November 4026
203 Gavin Cullen(3975-4066) 5 February 4026 14 November 4031
204 Christopher Prendergast(3970-4047) 5 February 4032 3 March 4047

(Served 3 terms; assassinated by far-right fanatics)

Social Democratic Party
205 Albert Gregovich Albert Gregovich


3 March 4047 2 January 4048

(Served less than 1 year)

206 Maria Chandler Maria Chandler


5 February 4048 2 July 4068

(Served 4 terms)

Federal Republican Party
207 Isaac Sharpe Isaac Sharpe


11 July 4068 2 January 4075

(Served 1 term and 2 years)

208 Henry McCallig Henry McCallig(b. 4030) 5 February 4075 31 October 4085 (Served 2 terms)
209 Aaron Quinn Aaron Quinn(b. 4055) 5 February 4085 14 November 4089 (Served 1 term) Social Democratic Party
210 James McDonald James McDonald

(b. 4032)

5 February 4090 20 April 4103 Peoples Freedom Party
211 Enda Farrell (portrait) Enda Farrell

(b. 4068)

20 April 4103 5 October 4105
212 150px Karl Mainet

(b. 4065)

22 November 4105 Incumbent Conservative Party

Benefits and Salary

Current Ministry

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