The President of the Republic of Kamburi is the Kamburi head of state, and (in practice) government. Despite being officially bound by the constitution, the President is often limitless in his powers, only marginally restricted by the President Minister of Kamburi. The powers of the President Minister however, is, in theory, supposed to sign, or veto laws that the President attempts to pass, but in practice does not, as those who have held the position often have close links to the President.

The President of Kamburi

By the grace of God, Country and People, Philippe Mwenye, the President of Kamburi

Philippe Mwenye


The President is, under the constitution, elected every 6 year cycle by direct elections. However, the constitution is often not put into use by the reigning government, and elections rarely take place on a national level. Instead, ever since the coup against Bosede Mosi and the assumption of political power by Kwasi Melisizwe in 1980, the president has been elected by military officials, often those who hold the highest ranks within the Kamburian Military.

The only elections ever to take place in Kamburi were the 1962 Election and the 1978 Election, both considered faux elections held under the Mosi governments. Today, elections are only held on occasion by the military, and only in extreme cases, such as the death of a previous president, or a fall out within the government between political leaders. 

In terms of who can run for president, the constitution allows any man, aged 26 and over, to be eligible to run for the office, however, due to the modern day military elections, only those who have held a general position within the Kamburian military are able to run. This leaves the office open to very little progress, with the president often being from the reactionary, extreme right-wing Kamburi Nationale party.

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