President of the
Kingdom of Nalatia

since -
Style The Honorable
Term length Five years, renewable once
Inaugural holder N/A
October 30, 2011

The President of Nalatia will be the head of state in Nalatia. Holding less power than the Prime Minister and being a mostly ceremonial office, the President of Nalatia still holds duties. No person has ever held this office before; the first holder will take office on January 2, 2012, following the 2011 presidential election.

Powers and duties

The President will be able to:

  • Declare war. A president will be able to do so without any advice from Parliament or the Prime Minister.
  • Declare a state of emergency in a city, province, or the entire county.
  • Be the Commander-in-Chief of the Military of Nalatia; meaning he or she can order troops to withdraw from or occupy land.
  • Give a presidential pardon to criminals.
  • Appoint judges.
  • Appoint ambassadors
  • Take official diplomatic visits to other nations. The Prime Minister will be able to visit other nations but cannot officially represent the Kingdom of Nalatia.