President of the Confederate States
Seal of the Confederate States of America
Seal of the Confederate States
George A. Walker.jpg
George A. Walker

since February 22, 2011
Style Mr. President
Term length 6 years
Inaugural holder Jefferson Davis

The President of the Confederate States is head of state of the confederal government. While holding limited power over the states, he is seen as the nation's figurehead and oversees large-scale actions such as war or international affairs involving the Confederacy.

List of Presidents



Term of office Vice-President(s)
Presidents 1–27
1 President-Jefferson-Davis Jefferson Davis
February 22, 1861 February 22, 1867 Alexander H. Stephens
2 Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee
February 22, 1867 October 12, 1870 Thomas Jackson
3 Jackson-Stonewall-LOC Thomas Jackson
October 12, 1870 February 22, 1873 vacant
4 Alexander Stephens Alexander H. Stephens
February 22, 1873 February 22, 1879 John Reagan
5 Fitzhugh Fitzhugh Lee February 22, 1879 February 22, 1885
? HueyPLongGesture Huey Long1 Febraury 22, 1933
? John McCain official photo portrait-cropped-background edit John McCain February 22, ???? February 22, ????

1 Part of the Populist-Labor Party

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