The President of the Georgeland Senate is the presiding officer of the upper house. He has similar powers and a similar role to the Speaker of the Georgeland House of Commons, though due to the Senate's lesser prominence in the media the position is not necessarily as high-profile as the Speaker. The President is nevertheless officially equal in rank with the Speaker of the Commons. The President represents the Senate at official functions and presides over meetings of the chamber. There are two deputy Presidents who take the chair when the President is absent. The President is in theory elected by the Senators, but in practice the position is appointed by the Government. When the Government does not control the Senate, which is usual, the positions of Senate President and the two deputies are negotiated between all parties. The President of the Senate is usually a government Senator. He continues to represent his state in the Senate and may speak in debates if he vacates the Chair; this does not usually occur. The President of the Senate recieves a casting vote in the event of a tie in all Senate divisions.

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