The president of the Kruz islands is the head of the kruzean government. He is elected by parliament after every federal election, so every 3 years. Therefore the president has to be a member of Parliament before election. A president can be elected for a maximum of 9 years.

List of Presidents

Name Party Elected End of Term State
Wilko Panza KFM 1956 1964 EB
Gerald Adams SDP 1964 1970 MI
Richard Burton CON 1970 1973 WB
Graham Wallace SDP 1973 1982 WB
Edward Brailsford CON 1982 1988 MI
Jimmy Campbell SDP 1988 1991 WB
Fred Mawombo SDP 1991 1993 LK
Kirsty Clark CON 1993 1999 WB
Wanzar Setsooga KFM 1999 2008 LK
Koram Davis KFM 2008 2011 EB
Michael Azoff CON 2011 2014 FT
Tessa Sharples SDP 2014 WB

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