President montgomery

Current President of Liberty, Walter Montgomery (2006-)

The President of the Republic of Liberty is the head of the nation and government and is regarded as the highest politician in the country. The President leads the executive branch with various responsibilities. The President can approve or veto laws passed by Parliament which also must abide by the Constitution of the Republic of Liberty. This power can be overridden by Parliament and the Superior Court through voting, which helps ensure that the President does not have too much power. Another power the President has is the ability to declare war. This action must be approved by the Prime Minister and can be stopped by Parliament and the Superior Court through voting. The final power is the ability to appoint officials to office. These officials can be ministers in the Cabinet or Superior Court justices.

Every six years, citizens elect either the current President or a candidate. The President serves terms of six years and can serve up to three terms. Until Revision IV, the President would serve for ten years and had an unlimited amount of terms. The current President is Walter Montgomery, who succeeded Rick Dales in 2006. There have been two Presidents since 1996. If the President is found guilty of a crime or has an approval rating lower than 24%, Parliament must consider impeachment of the President. No presidents have been impeached in Libertonian history. The President's main national and international transport is aboard a Boeing 777-300ER known as The Presidential Airliner, commonly referred to as "The Jet".


To become the President of the Republic of Liberty, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be 25 years old or older
  • Must be a Libertonian born citizen
  • Must have served in the Republic of Liberty Armed Forces (effective May 1, 2021)

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