Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Nalatia

since -
Style His/Her Excellency
Inaugural holder N/A
October 30, 2011

The Prime Minister of Nalatia will be the head of government in Nalatia. Appointed by the President with the permission of the Monarch, the Prime Minister should be the leader of the majority party in the Parliament. If this is not the person chosen, however, 4/5 of Parliament must concur with the decision along with the Monarch. He or she will be considered "first among equals" and will rarely be able to hold any power without Parliament allowing it.

Powers and duties

The Prime Minister of Nalatia will be able to:

  • Introduce a law in Parliament at the High House, meaning it will only have to pass the High House and not the Low House.
  • Speak in favor or against any law as long as he or she wishes.
  • Veto any bill that has not passed 4/5 of Parliament.
  • Expel a member of Parliament given that 4/5 of Parliament also votes to expel him or her.
  • Choose the Speaker of the Low House and High House, however, the Speaker must be a member of the majority party of the respective houses.
  • Call Parliament in for a meeting at a time when it is not required.