Prime Minister of the
Marit Island Federation
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Jennifer Huot

since January 1, 2184
Style The Honorable
Residence The Residence, Van Batenburg, Hoeksma Island
Term length Three years, renewable
Inaugural holder Matthew Nelson Hewitt
June 2, 2013
Formation 2075 Constitution (Office established)

2177 Constitution (Current office revised)

The Prime Minister of the Marit Island Federation (Dutch: Minister-President van de Marit Eilanden Federatie) is the head of government and of the Federal Cabinet of the Marit Island Federation. The position was established in the 2075 Constitution to combat a powerful president. For 101 years, the Prime Minister was the most powerful politician in the nation. In constrast with the President who served as the most senior public official, but whose powers were strictly ceremonial. The 2177 Constitution transitioned the country into a semi-presidential system splitting executive power between the President and the Prime Minister and is in current use.

From the Constitution, the Prime Minister is selected by the President to carryout the day to day responsibilities of the executive branch. In practice, the leader of the largest political party in the House of Representatives is selected to serve as Prime Minister. Domestic policy is largely under the administration of the Prime Minister, while foreign policy is usually carried out by the President.

The current Prime Minister is Hon. Jennifer Huot (DA).

List of Prime Ministers

Prime Ministers Under the 2075 Constitution

The 2075 Constitution established the office of Prime Minister to minimize the power of the President after the De Kuiper Coup. Hon. Matthew Nelson Hewitt served as the official opposition against President Gersum de Kuiper, drafted the national referendum and constitution and was elected to serve as the first Prime Minister.

     National State Party
     Labor & Worker's Party
     Social Democratic Party
     Democratic Alliance
     Civil Action Party

No. Prime Minister Took Office Time in Office Description
1 Matthew Nelson Hewitt Jan 1, 2176 5 yrs & 1 mo (1 1/3 term) English
2 Ariane Watters Feb 3, 2081 11 months English; first female PM
3 Thomas Nixon Jan 1, 2082 6 yrs (2 terms) English; only serving LWP PM
2 Ariane Watters Jan 1, 2088 3 years (1 term) English; first to serve non-consecutively
4 Perry Solomon Jan 1, 2091 3 years (1 term) English; African-Marit Islander; established SDP
2 Ariane Watters Jan 1, 2094 2 yrs, 7 mos, 21 days English; only to serve 3 nonconsecutive terms; resigned
5 Charles Cantu Aug 22, 2096 4 mos, 9 days English; shortest serving PM
4 Perry Solomon Jan 1, 2097 6 yrs (2 terms) English
6 Mouaad Barentsen Jan 1, 2103 6 yrs (2 terms) Dutch
7 George Lee Hires Jan 1, 2109 12 yrs (4 terms) English; 2nd longest serving PM
8 Guylian Pelt Jan 1, 2121 5 yrs, 3 mos, 20 days Dutch; lost party election to No. 9
9 Annemarie Regeling Apr 20, 2126 3 years, 2 mos, 10 days Dutch; 2nd female; lost party election to No. 10
10 David Yi Jul 1, 2129 6 yrs, 5 mos English; Chinese-Marit Islander
11 Ken Sutherland Jan 1, 2136 6 yrs (2 terms) English; oldest serving
12 Leon Ford Jan 1, 2142 6 yrs (2 terms) English & Maori; Maori
13 Sean Le Galliene Jan 1, 2148 3 yrs (1 term) English; youngest serving
14 Gerardino Ricci Jan 1, 2151 9 yrs (3 terms) English; Italian-Marit Islander
15 Maiky van Peer Jan 1, 2160 13 yrs, 11 mos, 21 days Dutch; longest serving; vote-of-no-confidence
16 Audric Blais Jan 1, 2174 4 yrs (1 term; special) French; elected President

Prime Ministers Under the 2177 Constitution

The Constitution of 2177 transitioned the nation into a semi-presidential system of government, wherein the Prime Minister is now not the head of the executive branch.

No. Prime Minister Took Office Time in Office Description
17 Andrew Anderson Jan 1, 2178 6 years (2 terms) English; elected President
18 Jennifer Huot Jan 1, 2184 Incumbent English; 3rd female