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Concerned about the existence and future of our country ,

we, the people of the Holy Cross - all citizens of the Principality of the Holy Cross,

followers of all religions ,

which are the source of truth, justice, good and beauty,

those universal values ​​as arising from other sources ,

the equal rights and obligations towards the common good - our Principality,

to bequeath to future generations all that is valuable obliged,

ties of the community joined with our brothers - countrymen ,

the need for cooperation with other countries for the good of humanity aware.

Desiring to guarantee the rights of the citizen , and the operation of public institutions to ensure the accuracy and efficiency

a sense of responsibility before God and his own conscience ,

Hereby establish this Constitution of the Principality of the Holy Cross

as a fundamental right for our Duchy

based on respect for freedom and justice , cooperation powers, social dialogue and the principle of subsidiarity in the strengthening the powers of citizens and their communities .

All those who for the sake of the Principality will apply this Constitution ,

we urge them to do it , taking care to preserve the inherent dignity of the human

the right to liberty and obligation of solidarity with others,

and respect for these principles have for the firm foundations of the Principality of the Holy Cross.



The Principality of Holy Cross is the common good of all its citizens.


The Principality of Holy Cross is a contry with the absolute monarchal system:

  • The supreme power is in Prince hands</li>
    1. The prince's "power" is hereditary
    2. No one can appeal against the Prince's decision 

    Art. 3

    The Principality of Holy Cross guards his independence and invioliability of his territory, provides freedom and human rights and the safety of his citizens, guards the national heritage and provides environmental protection, based on the principle of sustainable development.

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