Worldgen (2)

The landscape of Pristinum Mundi.

Geo-political landscape

Pristinum Mundi, Latin for "Pristine World", is a Class 1 world in the Alpha Centauri system, with a population of 220 million. The colony was founded in 2087, and was humanity's first extra-solar colony. The primary power on the world is the Nigrum Manus, Latin for Black Hand. They control the central province with the Mortalis mountain in the centre, and their nation has a population of about 40 million. The rest of the world is dotted with small cities, whilst the Nigrum Manus is mostly urban slums, with the Futurum Sactuarium city dominating the Mortalis peak. Disease is unheard of on Pristinum Mundi, but this has led to a state of paranoia in most the communities on the world, as it is feared that one day an off-world visitor or new colonist will unleash a plague upon the planet. The planet itself is mostly temperate. When humans first came to the planet, it was almost entirely forest until it was settled. There has been no international violence on the planet ever, but there was an invasion of the colony in 2128 by Earth soldiers during the Human Genocide War. The military of the planet is, despite there being more than one nation on the colony, unifed under the name of the Pristinum Mundi Defensores, which has 480,000 full-time members and another 250,000 reserve soldiers. The reason why all names on the planet(aside from names of people) are Latin is because the first humans to land on the planet were Latin speakers, who left Earth to escape the difficulties of not actually speaking English, or any other language that was spoken at the time. Most governmental structure on Pristinum Mundi could be described as technocratic, as from the start the population has had advanced communication systems, more so than any other human world. Their weapon technology lags behind, but they almost never need it.

Biology of humans on Pristinum Mundi

Humans on Pristinum Mundi have become an off-shoot of humans on Earth. They tend to be more lean and agile, and they live longer as well. However, they are also much more vulnerable to cancers of any variety. The average height of humans on the planet is 6 feet, 3 inches taller than Earth humans, who have become shorter due to technology reducing the workload significantly. Their hearts are smaller and they beat faster. Their bones are strong and do not break easily, to the point where a Pristinum Mundi human can fall 6 feet, land feet first, and not break a leg. Their lungs, however, are very fragile, and have been known to spontaneously spasm in stressful situations. Their digestive system is robust and can put nutrients to use more easily than Earth humans can.

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