The Progressive Party is a medium-sized political part in the nation of Tiraka. It was founded in 1971, and has held power in Tiraka for 3 terms. The only president of Tiraka to be part of the Progressive Party was Michael Preston


The Progressive Party was created as an alternative to the generally conservative parties in Tiraka, and as such supports left wing social and economic policies. On controversial topics it generally stands as such:

  • Abortion - Somewhat For
  • Gay Marriage - Strongly For
  • Civil Partnerships - Strongly For
  • Recreational Drugs - Somewhat For
  • Women in the military - Somewhat For
  • Women in the workforce - Strongly For
  • Gun control - Somewhat For
  • Socialised Healthcare - Strongly For
  • Open-door Immigration - Somewhat For
  • High taxes - Strongly For
  • Benefits - Strongly For
  • School Prayers - Strongly Against
  • Freedom of...
    • Speech - Strongly For
    • Religion - Somewhat For

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